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Following is a list of errors known to exist in the first printing
of the First Edition of The Pilot Plant Real Book.

6-6Solvent Properties Table - The following freezing point values are reported incorrectly and should read: Amyl Acetate -71C, N,N-Dimethylformamide -61C, Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether -95C.
6-17Effect of Temperature on Specific Volume - The curve labelled "Water" is incorrect - this curve should be labelled "Cyclohexane". Refer to page 6-45 for the properties of water.
8-1Periodic Table - The atomic weights of four Group 3 elements are listed incorrectly. The correct values are P - 30.974, S - 32.064, Cl - 35.453, Ar - 39.948.
9-5Classification of Hazardous Substances Table - Ammonia is incorrectly listed under the heading for non-flammable gases - ammonia vapor is indeed flammable, although only over a range of 16% to 25% by volume in air and requires a strong ignition source.
10-24Materials Compatibility Table - Under the ratings for Sodium Chloride, 316SS should be rated "A" (not 'C') and 304SS should be rated "B" (not 'A'). Note that this is a general guideline only, but that the corrosion potential in salt water for 316SS is slightly lower than that for 304SS, especially in non-saturated solutions at elevated temperatures.
10-27Materials Compatibility Table - Borosilicate glass is listed as incompatible ('D') with triethylamine. The value in the table should be "B", which means "acceptable for use at moderate temperatures and under mild conditions."
11-2Unit Conversion Factors - Under "Area", the conversion factor of 10.76 ft2/m2 is correct as listed. However, this entry is followed by a second entry of 9 ft2/m2 which is incorrect and should be deleted.
11-6Geometric Formulas - The formula for the volume of a torus should read: 2π2Rr2.

Thank you to all of the readers who have taken the time to point out errors in the first printing of The Pilot Plant Real Book.
All of the above errors have been corrected in the Revised 1st Edition (2nd Printing, 2004) and in the 2nd Edition, 2007.

Readers are encouraged to report apparent errors to the publisher at

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